Analysis & Pre-Engineering

Doing a lot of analysis to ensure a smooth and optimum system to find the right solution for your company


Using a combination of software, artificial intelligence, robot applications for your company in all area


Each field within your company is operated as a single standard


An advanced automation technology for collecting and analyzing data in production of your company

Predictive Care

Calculates the probability of failure of your motors and axes in your robots and systems before failure

Acceleration of Production

Calculates the slowness of cycle times by continuously monitoring your production

Production Accuracy

Production parameters are now under 100% control

Easy Traceability

Your systems can be monitored instantly from anywhere with your computer, tablet or phone

Intelligent Management Systemi

According to the situation in your production, the system makes decisions by itself and prevents the loss of production due to slowness in decision making

Cost and Sustainability Analysis

Allows you to manage your purchasing and sales processes easily by making the cost analysis of the stations in your production

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ABB Robot

With ABB Robot, which is the most widely used in the world, you can make all kinds of applications for your business. You can achieve high quality in your production with superior precision, easy user interface and low failure rate.

  • Wide range of product catalogs
  • All kinds of applications with our experienced team and ABB Robot
  • We have developed special software for ABB Robot to make your production more efficient and faster
  • With ABB Robot, you can use your business in maximum efficiency under Industry 4.0


You can contact us for any support regarding your business

1. Product Request?

Please indicate which product you would like to receive

2. If you need the robot?

Specify which application is used and the quantity of production you want to use the robot

3. If you need a Perismon?

Please provide details of your company

4. If you have special software or application request?

Please let us know your request with all the details

1. Do you support all robotic applications?

We support all applications with robot. All kinds of pre-engineering, analyzing ability and experience we can provide support in all matters.

2. Does it make sense to buy a robot for my business?

If you specify the application you want to use the robot, the number of shifts and the number of staff, we will notify you by doing all the analyzes for you.

3. I want to collect data from my production, what should I do?

When you tell us what data you want to collect about your production and your business structure, we will contact you and make the necessary analysis.

4. Do you support different robot brands?

Yes, we also support other robots..


You can always contact us

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